Plastic Bottles, Lids and Closures

Manufacturer and supplier of plastic bottles, lids and closures

Successfully and efficiently servicing industries including Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Food Service, Agricultural, Industrial, Chemical, Automotive and more, the PPG Rigid division is your one stop shop for plastic and glass containers, lids and closures.

With five Eastern seaboard manufacturing sites covering 3 states, PPG Rigid produce blow moulded containers ranging from 5ml through to 25Ltr, and have injection moulding capabilities to 380 tonnes. In addition to this manufacturing platform, PPG Rigid also carries out distribution of containers up to 1,000 litres.

To further complement its locally manufactured range, PPG Rigid's 'Specialty Products' division import and stock specialized dispensing closures such as triggers, lotion pumps, dispensing caps and fine mist sprayers as well as having access to an extensive range of imported personal care packaging.

As part of our end to end service, we also provide our expertise in the decoration of your packaging through our in line and contract labelling as well as screen printing services. The Rigid Containers and Closures division is committed to providing you and your business with quality products, delivered in a reliable and responsible fashion.



We have a broad range of bottles in a variety of shapes from 5mL up to 5L covering materials including HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PET and Glass. With both locally produced and a capacity to source internationally, the offering is immense. Ranging for pharma, food, chemical, personal care, chemical and more, we have a solution for your business needs.



To compliment the wide array of bottles, we also stock and source standard and dispensing closures to place atop these so as to provide secure and convenient sealing mechanisms.



From 5L through to 25L in both Standard and Dangerous Goods, our cube range is complete. Anti-glug and fluorinated options also are available for those specialized applications.



Offering both open and closed head options, PB Packaging have a wide range of drums to service food, pharma and chemical needs.



We carry an extensive range of jars from 5mL through to 4L. Suitable for cosmetic, personal care, food, pharma, chemical and more, there is a jar in our range that is suited to your needs! Once again, if we can't produce or source locally, our wide international network of supply partners can complement our needs to ensure you find what you are searching for.


Jerry Cans

Not just for chemicals, our jerry can range starts at 250mL and continues through to 10L. With both standard and non-DG with view line capabilities, we are confident in ranging a jerry can that will suit your requirement.



Whether packing food, chemical, paints or any other product, our extremely diverse range of tubs and pails will showcase your product. With IML decoration capabilities across much of the range, you can stand out from your competition with outstanding packaging.


Sprays, Pumps And Triggers

For dispensing closures including pumps, sprays ad triggers, we have it all! We offer a very wide range of styles and colours as well as being able to readily fulfil custom requirements.



Whether it be glass injection vials in type I or type II, plastic specimen vials in PP or Styrene or even tube drawn glass ampoules, our range is once again diverse. We also offer septas and aluminium caps to complete the package. We truly are your one stop shop!

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