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Sustainability in Produce Packaging

Packaging around produce gets a whole lot of bad press.

A recent Facebook post about sweet potato packaging at Woolworths went viral with over 100K likes and comments and the recent documentary War on Waste has also led to discussion about Packaging’s role in fresh produce.

The headline that we don’t see is how packaging is vital in sustainability and in the reduction of waste within the fruit and vegetable market. Let’s focus on how packaging provided by PPG improves our experiences in the fruit and
vegetable supply chain.

Sustainability through reduction in waste Packaging promotes a reduction in waste through more efficient farming. Through the application of packaging technologies, farmers can optimize their growing environment which allows them to benefit from improved yield in crops, consistency and maximise returns through the reduction of waste.

What role does PPG play in the reduction of waste?

PPG provides packaging to banana farms throughout Australia who use our banana Co- Ex covers. These are used all year round to ensure protection of crops from UV and pests. Our Co-Ex covers allows for optimal growing
conditions therefore reducing waste.

Australian made grape vine covers provides farmers with a solution that reduces waste at farm through creating controlled growing conditions.

PPG grape vine covers is used to protect the vines and berries from rain damage and harsh sun. This product is imperative to growers to ensure they have quality grapes to sell at market.

PPG also supplies growers with reinforced ventilated stretch film - this film prevents condensation and oxidization. This packaging format allows produce to breathe whilst in the supply chain therefore extending
the shelf life of the produce.

PPG is a national packaging company. Our focus is to provide the produce segment with quality packaging. We assist growers to reduce waste, improve efficiency and enhance the presentation of your produce.

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Sustainability through recycling 

Focus from the major supermarket chains and consumers placed an emphasis on the recyclability of packaging. When selecting raw materials for packaging supply a major consideration is now how well the product can be recycled. There is also a focus on efficient manufacturing. The environmental footprint is now a key factor that needs to be addressed when selecting the best packaging.

What role does PPG play in recycling?

PPG offers a variety of punnets and trays to the produce market which are manufactured from PET material. PET benefits the environment in that it requires less energy to thermoform and therefore is
quicker to manufacture which means less energy required for production to the benefit of the environment. PET can also be recycled more easily than PVC.

Angleboard is another product example from PPG that has a friendly environmental footprint. Used within the produce segment to provide strength and stability to pallets, it is manufactured from recycled virgin paper. These angleboards can also be recycled by supermarkets after use therefore reducing landfill. Sustainability through increased shelf life Fresh produce customers are often concerned about food waste and are skeptical about packaging in this category. Packaging which enhances shelf life is a key factor in the war on waste. Improving technologies in packaging allow produce to be maintained at optimal levels therefore reducing the amount of waste at both store and consumer level.

What role does PPG play in increasing shelf life?

PPG supplies Australian made Modifed Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) liners to cherry, broccoli, grape, stone fruit and pear growers. This technology allows fruit and vegetables to arrive in store in the best possible saleable condition. The use of this form of packaging has reduced the volume of produce that is thrown out at either store or consumer level.

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Sustainability in Produce Packaging


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