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Plastic Packaging and the Environment


Having attractive looking packaging isn’t enough these days. The pack has to be protective, increase shelf life, be fit for purpose, easy to use and have some environmental credentials. And, all of this has to come at the right price and with great service and delivery. 

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Mildura Weekly Articles on Integrated Recycling


Integrated Recycling, a PPG company, was recently featured in two Mildura Weekly articles in their June 22, 2018 and June 29, 2018 editions.

Integrated Recycling has been awarded a state government grant of $130,000.


PVC Packaging Tape

The Use of Tapes in the Fresh Produce Segment


Whether it is used to secure boxes, close bags or strap pallets, there are plenty of tape products used in the Fresh Produce segment. At PPG, we hold a wide range of stock to suit your fresh produce needs.

Below is a summary of the key tapes used in the Fresh Produce segment.

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How Flexible Packaging Can Help Reduce Food Waste In Australia


Research from Foodwise suggests that one-fifth of food purchased nationwide goes to waste, amounting to $1,036 per household every year.

Australia throws out $8 billion of edible food annually - and approximately 33 percent of this food was fresh.

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The Printing Process in the Corrugated Industry

What is the most commonly used printing process in the corrugated industry?

I’m sure all of you would have come across many times in your life, various cartons printed using the processes I’ll be talking about. As I mentioned before, a little knowledge can go a long way.

It’s important when you are in front of a customer discussing products that you can identify the type of print processes used on the box. Depending on whether it’s lithographic or flexographic will have a huge effect on price. You want to ensure that you quote the customer what they need and equally important is to get it right the first time.

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